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Professionals working for professionals since 1954

Today, just at the installations of our main supplier, the olive press of Benalúa de las Villas, in Granada, Conde de Benalúa processes crops averaging more than the 34 million kilos of olives.

With state of the art facilities, Conde de Benalúa's oil press has enough installed capacity to process up to 1,000 tons / day (40 million kilos of olives per season), which represents about 8.5 million litres of annual production capacity.

We have our own packing facility with two flexible state of the art lines and a climate-controlled warehouse managed by state of the art ERP, thanks to which we can quickly program the orders from our customers in all kinds of formats, from delicate glass bottles to 5 litre PET containers, and provide them in record time with the guarantees of our total quality process.

The product you want in the format you need

This production is in addition to the oils that we select and manage for our customers at the best oil presses in Andalusia which are always subject to our strict quality controls during production and at the installations, chemical analysis and of course our demanding tasting processes.

This is why we can guarantee you the supply of the oil that your customers demand, with confidence. In bulk or packaged as our own brands, we meet the needs of the sector with excellence and absolute dedication to serving our customers.

Only the best of the best, with the guarantee and all of the controls of Conde de Benalúa.

Quality starts on the tree

As part of our range of professional services, Conde de Benalúa manages (among other things) an agricultural supply service for the members of the San Sebastian co-operative and professionals and farmers in general. Furthermore, the engineers in our technical department provide advice to farmers all year round and they incorporate new powerful tools every year: GIS real-time control of pests and incidents in the field and the most modern integrated remote sensing systems are just some of the projects currently underway to achieve the highest standards and minimize the use of pesticides throughout production whilst ensuring that our farmers grow healthier and better quality crops.

To provide the best possible service, always offering you the product that you need at the best possible price.

Our figures show the hard work and the dedication with which, year after year, we serve all of our domestic and international customers with a single purpose in mind:

To provide the best possible service, always offering you the product that you need at the best possible price.

Right now, Conde de Benalúa is undertaking an ambitious plan for the Technological Innovation and Improvement of our facilities which will enable us to double our installed capacity to over 16 million litres of our own annual production, whilst improving the quality of the service provided to customers.

Because high quality and excellent service are our permanent objectives.