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Integrated production system.

50 control stations spread over 14,000 productive hectares.

Sistema de Producción Integrada

Engineers advising the farmers throughout the year.

Rigorous control of treatments and fertilizers.

Quality control

Patio Manager
Temperature, appearance, aroma, pest damage or symptoms...

Each delivery of olives is classified on arrival so that different quality olives are never processed on the same line.

Entrega de aceituna

Quality control

Mechanized and randomised sampling of each batch at the laboratory.

Procesado independiente de aceituna

2 patios, with 5 lines per patio for independent processing of olives of different qualities.

Quality control

All of the surfaces in contact with the fruit are treated with special paint for food products.

Trémies indépendantes

Trémies indépendantes avec moulins automatisés à l’air libre pour dissiper la chaleur.

Quality control

High quality transportation belts suitable for food products.

Cold extraction

Cold extraction and rigorous automatic temperature control. Separate processing lines according to quality.

Quality control

Continuous recording of temperatures and all process variables.

Sustainability: All of the heat and hot water requirements are covered by a boiler burning the olive oil waste that is obtained as a by-products.


No waste

All of the by-products are either treated or sold on (leaves, waste olive oil and water are sold on to the irrigation community).

Línea Homologada totalmente independiente

Totally separate certified line for organic oils: Hopper - Cold extraction - Rinses - Deposits.

Quality control

A professional tasting panel assigns a quality level and the destination in the cellar.
The traceability system makes it possible to check if there are any deviations from what was envisaged by the patio manager and the analysis of samples in the laboratory.

50 ton rinses

50 ton rinses. Before being sent to cellar, the newly extracted oils are tasted so that they can be classified.

Quality control

The whole of the cellar is covered and protected from solar radiation and the temperature is automatically regulated and controlled.

50 ton rinses

The extra virgin olive oil are stored and filtered to improve its stability and conservation.

Quality control

Continuous improvement, subject to the most stringent national and international controls.

Quality control

More than 100 finely polished stainless steel tanks with capacities of 50 and 100 tons hold the olive oil in Conde de Benalúa 's cellars.

Más de 100 depósitos de Acero Inox pulid

Quality control

Rigorous control before loading and sealing of the transport vehicles after loading.


Quality control

To ensure its quality, before packaging all of the products are analysed in expert laboratories certified by ENAC.

Quality control

At the end of the season the facilities are thoroughly cleaned and all of the machinery is dismantled, cleaned and kept safe until the next season.

Laboratorio Interno

Conde de Benalúa's internal laboratory processes blind samples of all of the batches in 24 hours. Yields, acidity and peroxides are obtained. After the oil has been analysed, it goes on to the tasting panel.

Quality control

The tasting panel classifies each anonymous sample. extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil or Lampante virgin olive oil. The batch is characterized by its tasting and analysis.

Quality control: Professional tasting panel

Departamentos de Calidad y Producción

The Quality and Production Departments monitor and control all of the processes, traffic counts and workloads, etc. in real time. Cutting edge technology in order to always offer the best possible service.

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